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Wuhan J.H. Biological Technology Co., Ltd is the national high-tech enterprise concentrated in medical diagnostic research and development, manufacture and sales. Abbreviation of securities: J.H. Bio-Tech, securities code: 430222


Company product involves: In vitro diagnosis such as biological medicines, peopleanimal with rapid diagnostic products, which mainly used for tumor, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, prenatal and postnatal care and other aspects of rapid detection; Blood glucose, blood pressure, fetal heartbeat bedside diagnosis, ultrasound machine, patient monitor, ECG monitor, DR and other medical imaging equipments and animal vaccines fields.


Company owns: Shenzhen J.H. Bio-tech Co., Ltd; Wuhan J.H. Wanfangtang Pharmacy Chain Co., Ltd; Beijing Wanfangtang Online Electronic Business Co., Ltd; Abgenom (Wuhan) Biological Technology Co., Ltd; Changzhou Tongtai Biological Pharmaceutical Crop., Ltd; Wuhan Kaijin Medical Technology Co., Ltd.


Our company is located in National Biological Industrial Park of East Lake High-Tech development zone, Wuhan China, it is the largest manufacturer and OEM providers of biological immune rapid diagnostic products in central China. Also our company owns 18 of ⅡⅢ types of medical equipment product registration certifications, 19 national patents, 47 registered trademarks. We are responsible for the technological innovation projects of the State Ministry of Science and Technology, and bio-industry development projects in Hubei Province. Meanwhile, we have the right of import and export, and the sales qualification of Drug Electric Internet B2C platform. The products are promoted and used in pharmacies and hospitals throughout the country, and also sold around the world through Alibaba platform.



电话:027-87537029 手机:15976877299 传真:027-87537033 地址:武汉市东湖新技术开发区关东工业园7-5栋6楼